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Since then, the life skills students have been on their own with some teacher supervision. The project has been a collaborative effort: T-shirts and aprons bearing the shop logo were designed by the graphic arts classes; engineering and applied science classes made holders for the order forms; the life skills classes launder the shop uniforms; and a contest was held to come up with the name of the shop. Gator Cafe At Gateway High School, Gator Cafe in the school library is getting ready to relocate and expand. We want to make it be more like a sit-in cafe, teacher Andrew Estok said of the shop, which sells coffee, cappuccino and hot chocolate to students and staff and is run by special needs students in the life skills class. If the school board approves, the cafe will move into a classroom space next year, which would provide a larger area so that more students could work at one time and allow the shop to also offer cookies and other snacks. Currently, two or three students work in the cafe each period for five periods of the day. [The expanded cafe] will allow us to provide more opportunities for students, such as sorting cookies and making coffee, said Mr. Estok, a special education teacher at the high school and one of four teachers who oversee the cafe. We might also do things like iced tea, slushies and bottled drinks like Gatorade. The cafe is fully self-sustaining, meaning that the money brought in pays to buy supplies and equipment for the shop. The schools parent-teacher organization donated the funds to start the cafe.We started off with a mere $500 and a location, Mr. Estok said. The plan is to start converting the classroom into a coffee shop over the summer with hopes of having it open for the 2017-18 school year.