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Grains to star at new restaurant planned for Skowhegan grist mill — Living — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine

The cafe will reopen early this summer under the management of Maine Grains, establishing itself as showcase restaurant for Maine Grain products, including fresh-baked items, grab-and-go items, wood-fired pizza and more, she said. The multifarm CSA that used the space for years ran out of room and has moved to Grassland Organic Farm in Skowhegan, Lambke explained on a tour last week of the complex, where local grains are manufactured. The restaurant is now tucked into Maine Grains, so we can demonstrate the use of the grains, Lambke said. Research and development on value-add products also will take place in the commercial kitchen. A soon to be installed woodfired oven will crank out pizza, and a dry goods retail shop will carry the mills popular rolled oats, cookbooks and utensils in a renovated office. In an open-air courtyard, where inmates used to recreate, another wood-burning oven will ignite for events and special occasions. Its an evolution, Lambke said. The timeline has sped up, but the vision of the full development of the building has always included maximizing the utilization of space in ways that complement the grain mill. In addition to the new grain-focused restaurant, which has yet to be named, a cheese cave and on-site brewery also are in development. As part of a multipronged plan for the space, cheesemaker Amy Rowbottom of Crooked Face Creamery in Norridgewock is researching a cheese-aging facility in the basement, and neighbors Bigelow Brewing Co .

The Location That You Select For The Shower Will Play A Big Role Because Certain Places Will Call For Particular Kinds Of Food.

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