The Emerging Options For Real-world Strategies Of Eateries

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I made my way there on Monday evening, the snowiest day of this years festival so far, and the snowiest Id personally ever seen the festival. It had been a long day, and I was ready to eat an entire reviews worth of food. Walking in, the vibe felt like a mix of old-timey saloon and old-timey Italian restaurant. And yes, there were many banjos on the wall even a red one. My Sundance counterparts, Herald writers Doug Fox and Derrick Clements, werent able to make it, so I perused the menu for the proper smattering of items. Since it was a pizza place, I ordered the Red Banjo Special, a pizza with pepperoni, Italian sausage, red onions, green peppers, olives and mushrooms. (I ordered mine without mushrooms. Because mushrooms are an abomination.) I also got the Philly Cheese Steak and an order of hot wings. The wings arrived first, and these were great, with a spiciness that was subtle at first bite, with a persisting kick that I enjoyed.